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Lancaster, NY


David Emmi
Managing Director – Transmission & Distribution
(585) 295-6805


June 2020


Construction Observation
Application Development
Drone Inspection

Project Summary

ReadyVIS is supplying utility providers an innovative solution for utility asset inspection and inventory, through our custom developed software and workflows.

A small distribution line near Lancaster, NY was used as a testing ground for this new system. Integrating GIS data, drone inspection media, condition analysis, and custom software, a comprehensive solution was developed to meet the needs of the modern utility provider.

Our workflow and deliverable is generally outlined as follows:

  • Infrastructure inspections are performed by ReadyVIS Part 107 certified drone pilots.
  • Certified experts review and analyze inspection drone media for condition assessment.
  • Custom software delivery Web-interfaced software features:
  • Houses and manages all district and circuit data in one easy-to-navigate user interface
  • HD media (pictures/video) from drone directly accessible within app
  • Easy to navigate interface with satellite imagery as well as street and point-of-interest labels
  • Numerous viewing modes and user preference settings
  • One-click on-line mapping access for easy directions to asset locations
  • Data filtering provide the user control of information visibility
  • Clear zone vegetation analysis
  • State of the art vegetation analysis locates and quantifies the vegetation within the R.O.W. that poses risk to utility infrastructure
  • Synced drone video with real-world drone location allows the user to get the current birds-eye-view of the actual surrounding vegetation correlating to the clear zone analysis
  • Asset inspection data viewable in-app, including but not limited to:
  • Structure identification
  • Precise asset locations
  • HD drone images and videos
  • Analyzed condition and priority of deficiencies found
  • Estimated costs for repair or replacement
  • Record information of past inspections to easily track asset deterioration
    over time

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